Thursday, 7 March 2013

Next week is Book Week and we have lots of exciting and interesting activities planned... a book sale, visiting authors, quizzes and competitions with great prizes! Don't forget the photo competition - take a pic of you reading in the most unusual position/location...

The chosen author for Year 6 is Jeremy Strong who has written many very funny books for children - we are going to read the 'The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour-Dog' series of books. 

Please have a look at the website for some ideas for dressing up costumes on Friday 15th. 

The Vamipre Twins
 Img_0428_articleimageMy Brother's Famous Bottom costume

Learning about Shakespeare

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

We have been learning all about the life and work of William Shakespeare. We read lots of his plays, watched some animated and film versions, read some versions which have been re-written into cartoons and narrative stories, did some acting and made our own box theatres and puppets which we performed to some of the younger students.