Monday, 5 January 2015

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Happy New Year everyone!

This term Year 6 will be following a unit of work on the theme:
  Movement of People and Migration

In Geography, well be finding out about:
• The similarities and differences between places we know
• How and why our families have moved around the world
• How different places are linked
• How and why people move and goods are transported around the world
• Environmental disasters which influence human migration
• Disaster relief organisations
 In History, well be finding out about:
• Migrations of people in pre-historical times
• The spread of ideas, technology, language, food, goods and culture through migration
• The historical importance of past Empires on present day societies
• The effects of migration from Europe to the rest of the world
• The enforced migration of black African people through slavery
• Influences of past movements of people on our present day societies
In Society, well be finding out about:
• Human needs and rights
• Laws and rules and their enforcement by governments
• Refugees — who they are, what their rights are and our

• Organisations who support refugees and migrants, their role and focus of activity

In Science, well be finding out about:
• Birds and animals which migrate
• Problems caused by humans for birds and animals which migrate
• Laws to protect animals and how they are enforced
• Different human perspectives regarding animals and their rights

In International, well be finding out about:
• The similarities and differences between places and groups of people
• Our basic needs as people
• Peoples lives in different places and cultures
• Reasons for economic migration, its effects and laws to control it

How can parents help and support?

We need some old blankets and sheets... some tins of food (unopened) and empty water bottles. 
Your child may ask you about life in your home country, about when you were young and changes in society which you have witnessed. They may need help contacting other members of the family to ask about their opinions and to send questionnaires. It may be useful to listen to or watch the news with your child, especially with regard to international movements of people. 
We really appreciate all your help and support.