Thursday, 26 November 2015

The last day

We're now on our way back after an amazing lunch at Keeree Tara restaurant courtesy of Kiera's mum. We are running a little late: Google Maps tells me we should be at school at 4:15. So in the meantime here are some photos from last night and this morning.
Last night was the talent show and this morning we had our team-building activities at the resort. All lots of fun. It's been a really great camp. We've learnt something about each of the children and, more importantly, they've learnt a lot about themselves. They have all grown in independence and have put our topic into a context they can now better empathize with.
Well done Year 6!
Mr Collett, Ms Paulette, Kru Bank and Nurse Noodee

Busy day!

Today has been a packed day. We started early and visited the museum at 'Hell Fire Pass' before walking down into the pass and back via the view points. The children were respectful of the place and the sacrifices made by those who were forced to work there. Some of the pupils found the walk tiring, which brought into sharper focus how the POWs must have felt.
After 'Hell Fire Pass' we went on to have lunch at River Kwai Village. The food was delicious and the jungle surroundings were beautiful. From there we caught the train along the 'Death Railway Line', so called because of all the POWs, Thai and Burmese workers who lost their lives building it.
We returned to the resort and played a fun game of water polo. The children are now in their rooms preparing for tonight's talent show.
Here are today's photos so far:

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Good morning!

We all had a great night's sleep last night. The children were asleep within 10 minutes of lights out. (A personal best for me and my 20 years of camp experience.) I'm not really that surprised as we did have a very full day yesterday. The campfire, roasted marshmallows, games and Loy Kratong celebrations were great too. 
Looking forward to a great day today as well. 
Here are some photos from last night and this morning:

We're here!

We made it to the resort via a great lunch in view of the bridge on the River Kwai, a visit to the war cemetery and the Thai-Burma Railway Museum. The children really enjoyed and got a lot out of both. It gives so much more to the students learning to be where it all happened. 
After we checked in at the hotel we had a swim in the pool and showered and prepared our room for inspection later.
We've just finished dinner now and are writing our diaries before we go to tell stories and play games around the campfire. 
Here are the photos from the day so far:

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

We're on our way!

There was a real buzz this morning as the year 6 students' conversations spanned the strange and funny sight of Mr C without a tie, who's got what camera and how little sleep they got due to being too excited. We're now on the way and traffic has been kind to us so far. Spirits are high and we're looking forward to an excellent residential trip.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Welcome to the Year 6 blog (2015/16)

Dear parents and visitors,

Welcome to the Year 6 blog. Up until recently I had been using a website I made myself to showcase Year 6's talents and post homework to. Now that the children are using Google classroom for homework, we have camp coming up and this blog is linked to the school website I thought it might be a better idea to make use of our blog.

I will continue to post the children's homework to the Classroom page. I will use this blog to post Work of the Week, guidance on how parents can help with their children's studies and photos of exciting things we have been doing in class.

Tomorrow we will be going on our residential trip to Kanchanaburi. This trip is to support our World War II studies. Each evening (or when I can) I will post photos and details of what we are doing so you can see what fun your child is having.

Before we go though, here is the letter I sent out with the children detailing the last minute arrangements before we leave tomorrow morning:

  • We will leave from school at 8:15am. Please make sure your child is at school on time.
  • They can leave their bag in the reception area.
  • Please make sure any medicines are in a bag labelled with your child’s name and give to Nurse Noodee.
  • As well as Mr Collett, Ms Paulette and Kru Bank, Nurse Noodee will be joining us on the trip.
  • Please remember that expensive items, electronic items and mobile phones are not allowed on the trip. However, children are encouraged to bring an inexpensive camera.
  • Should we need to contact you in an emergency we have your phone numbers. Should you need to contact us in an emergency you can get the school mobile number from the school office on 027268283/4.
  • Regular updates, including photos, will be given on this blog.
  • The children are allowed to bring healthy snacks for the journey. Try to avoid sugary food or food with lots of additives. Snack will be provided by the school for the journey to Kanchanaburi and by the hotel for the journey from Kanchanaburi back to Bangkok. 
  • We hope to be back at school by 3:00pm on Friday.
Many thanks to you all for your continued support,
Mr Collett

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Year 6 Final Assembly
June 2015

Climate Change... 
Carbon footprints...

We sang and we danced in our assembly and we had lots of fun...
but our message is very serious... 

We need to stop global warming 
and we need to Stop it Now!

A special thank you to all the parents who came to watch our assembly.

Year 6 Samaesan Island Trip 
May 2015

Bikes, boats, boys and girls
Beaches, turtles and Year 6 groupie
Birthday celebrations...BBQ marshmallows...Kru Bank and his tree buddy

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you had a happy Songkran holiday. 
I would like to welcome you all back to a busy final term in Year 6.

We start the new topic Climate Control.  We will be looking at ways in which we can take care of the environment and how we can become better ‘caretakers’ of our beautiful planet Earth. We will focus on energy, water and waste. We will also be looking at organic gardening and I have asked the children to bring in a pot for planting seeds; this can be a plastic bottle, a jug, an old boot...anything really that we plant things in (and make holes in)!

We will soon be off to Samaesan Marine Conservation Island on our residential trip, as part of our study into the impact of energy use and our ecological footprint. We have lots of interesting and exciting activities planned which I will tell you about soon. 

In maths this term we will be revising using all four operations in  correct order, working with fractions,  using formulae for finding  area and volume of shapes and finding solutions to word problems. 

In English this term we will revise writing for different purposes, reading for understanding using inference and deduction. We will also be practising our speaking and listening skills in debates about environmental issues.

Homework reminder : every day your child will receive 35 minutes of homework; either spelling, English, maths, topic-related work and sometimes research. Often the maths homework will be online, using a website for schools called  
Please also try to look at the Year 6 blog with your child regularly - here you will find lots of useful information and websites, as well as photos of Year 6 in action. 

Many thanks for your continued support.

Julie Edwards

Year6 class teacher

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This term we have been learning about the life and work of William Shakespeare.

We read some of his plays then adapted them for a younger audience and performed them.

A special 'Thank you' to Year 2 and Year 5 for coming to watch our performances of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

The three witches tell Macbeth their prophecy

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth plot to kill King Duncan

Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane - Macbeth is finally killed by Macduff

 Romeo and Juliet
Trouble on the streets between the Capulets and Montagues

Romeo and Juliet fall in love, but then Romeo is bansished forever by the prince

Tragedy as Romeo drinks the poison...

Never has there been a tale of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo