Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Welcome to 2016-17's Year 6!

Welcome to the start of an exciting year for the new Year 6. We have a brand new classroom, new interactive whiteboard, new computer lab and new specialist teachers! We've already started to make the space our own and have got to work already. Here are some photographs of what we have been doing already...
Year 6 in front of their first display of work 'All About Me'.
Quiet reading time before the lessons start.
Some tricky opinions being formed about the text we are studying in English.
Working hard in groups on our maths investigations.
Our topics for this year are:
Term 1.1 - Brainwaves (learning how to learn effectively) and New Materials (properties of materials and how combining them change those properties).
Term 1.2 - World War 2 (how the war affected every country, what caused it and what happened as a result). (We will also have our trip to Kanchanaburi in this half term - details coming soon.)
Term 2.1 - Moving People (studying migration from today's current issues to how homo-sapiens colonised the Earth through migration).
Term 2.2 - Shakespeare and Picasso (a study of two creative but different people in very different historical times).
Term 3 - Changes, Personal and Global (a study of climate change and ways in which we can help minimise and, hopeful, reverse the negative effects human behaviour has on the planet and puberty education).
All homework and a lot of other learning discussions will take place on our virtual learning environment, Google Classroom. You can ask your child for access to their account to see what homework they have due and what they are learning in class on any given day. If you would like to contact me you can do via my email
Kind regards,
Mr Collett