Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Kanchanaburi trip - arrived!

What a busy day! The children are currently playing games with the very capable staff at River Kwai Village Resort while I watch and type this blog post.
The students are beginning to get a much better understanding of the human cost of World War 2 with our visit to the War Cemetery and the Thailand-Burma railway museum. The learning is always so much more valuable and pertinent when in context. 
After the visit to the Cemetery and museum we went to have lunch at a restaurant on the river next to the bridge. It was a fantastic lunch and afterwards we took a walk along the bridge itself. After some souvenir shopping we headed to the resort.
The children are really impressed with the resort. They love their rooms and we even got a chance to have a swim (and a slide!) in the pool. Dinner was amazing (BBQ) and I'm sure, after these games and a room inspection they'll sleep soundly tonight. 
I'll post again tomorrow but until then here are some photos from today:

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