Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kanchanaburi trip - On our way home.

We're now on our way home from a very successful Year 6 residential. Everyone had a great time. I heard lots of comments like "This is the best trip ever!" and "I wish we could stay longer." 

Today we did our team building activities and everyone worked really well together. We had to cross water on a rope supported by our partner, scramble over an obstacle net, row a round paddle boat in teams, clamber through a 'spider's web' without touching the web, and find our way through the jungle maze. I think the children have learnt a lot this trip; a lot about themselves, about each other and how to be more responsible. (Ask your child about wet towels.)

The resort have been really great, providing great food, rooms and activities. If you'd like to plan a trip there yourself or see the resort go to According to Google maps we should be at school by 2:45pm.

Here are some photos from today's team building activities:

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